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Musician, Educator, Author?!

In addition to being a musician, recording artist, educator, composer and arranger, Abe is now a published author. He just completed writing an ukulele book and curriculum for Consonus Music Institute. The course is called Ukulele Ensemble, Beginning Ukulele - Level 1 and is now available for sale. This is the first ever ukulele curriculum and is perfect for the classroom or the individual. The book is made up of 23 lessons and is a supplemental material that goes along with instructional videos online that the student can watch, practice with, and play along to. There are also instructional videos specifically for the teacher to learn enough of the basics to be able to teach the course to their students. Feel free to share the links below to music educators or whoever you believe may be interested in using this course.

Abe would like to thank Jim Guss, Mike Christiansen, Jeremy Nivision, David Roberts, and everyone at Consonus Music Institute for helping him through this process and making it all happen.

Consonus Music Institute - http://cmilearn.org

Purchase the Course - http://cmilearn.org/product/beginning-ukulele-level-1